Project Tryout:High end sheet mask

Hi Yall,
I love Birchbox because that is the time that I get samples that are high end. Usually I get perfume/ hair samples which I love but aren’t my favorite. I love skincare mask and the most I paid for one was nine dollars. Now , Birchbox sent my September box and I received the NER:D Super Hydrating mask. Oh this is expensive. The price is 3 masks for 58 dollars. yeah jaw drop.
This mask is very different from the previous masks I have tried. One, it has a smooth , gel like texture which comes from the mask being made 100% by bacteria. Its not like the hydrogel mask that feels thin but real thick and would be extremely hard to tear. Also, this was the first mask that was sheltered between two mesh dollies like a secondary protection system and a the package has plastic insert that is attached. keeping all the nutrients in.
The mask says its key benefits are:
Immediately hydrates the skin
Boosts hyaluronan synthesis and improve collagen fibrillogenis.
Enhances skin suppleness
restores skin’s resilience
The key ingredients of the mask are:
◦Rice Bran Oil Extract(γOryzanol):A mixture of antioxidants, helps protect cells againstfree radicals.Diminishes facial lines and makes the skin glow
◦Macadamia Oil: High in monosaturated fatty acids and Omega 6,7,9. Moisturizes, regenerates and illuminates skin.
◦Tripeptides: Smoothes and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.
◦Hyaluronic Acid: Holds moisture of the dermis while improving the look of elasticity, firmness and youthfulness.
◦Ceramides: Key molecules of the epidermis for maintaining moisture and integrity of the cell barrier. Essential for skin renewal and radiance.
◦Licorice Root Extract: Soothes the skin.
◦Squalane: Mimics the molecular structure of natural skin lipids,moisturizing, replenishing, and softening the skin.
◦Allantoin: Encourages healthy cell growth.
On the package, it also has that it contains CM Glucan , Pentavitan , Nannochlorpsis oculata extract: algea extract .
◦Mask is 100% made by Bacteria. 100% Biocompatible. 100% Biodegradable. 100% bacteria removal.
This mask was awesome when I placed on it on my face. It did not feel like it was not drying out on my face, it was very dewy even though I keep it on for 40 minutes. I also didn’t have the tingle that I feel with some mask. I just feel like it was very hydrating and soothing. My face afterward felt light , plump and moisturized. You can not tell with the yellow light but I was beaming. I really liked this sheet mask. I would even say better than the hydrogel.
Check out the photos.

Catch ya later,

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  1. Your skin looks good both before and after!

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