Project Tryout:Over the Weekend

Hi Yall,

I had a jam pack weekend. That’s a lie but I did do something Friday ,Saturday and Sunday. However, I did not take a lot of photos which I am upset about because I call myself a blogger. Uggh. I guess I feel like in some moments. I just don’t to ruin the moment or miss something in trying to pull my camera out.

So Friday, I went to the Charleston. Its a high end restaurant located in Harbor East, Baltimore . It was too fancy in my opinion to pull out my camera phone and it was quite dark so, I chose to have three delicious course(they have a choice between 3, 4, 5, 6 courses) and they  brought out extras like cornbread and soup before the meal that was served in a espresso cup . After I was done my lobster curry soup, I had scallops with walnuts and goat cheese and I also had the stony cut grits. After the dinner was done, they asked me for dessert, I said , no.. too stuffed.  They still  gave me tiny macaroons, bon bon, a tiny cookie on a saucer (just to give a point of reference of how cute the cookies were). I felt like I was in willy wonka land because the food was in small portions but I was stuffed.

Saturday, I headed to NYC for my great uncle’s funeral,  who lived to be 90 years old. He had a well traveled life and most fond memory of him was when he and my dad helped me hold his German drinking mugs. He cared for those mugs and he would put them high on a mantle.  He, like my abuelita  traveled a lot and were wonderful people.

Sunday, we went to Tribeca and ate at Bubbys then we went to check the Fyre shoe store for my dad. I even went into the Chanel store. After that I went to Rituals and bought a shower gel then took my parents to Ben’s famous pizza where I saw Cynthia Nixon (she played Miranda on Sex in the City) walking through. No , I couldn’t take any photos, she was breezing by and wasn’t taking photos. I also went to Chopt and took home a Vegan Mexicali Salad  on the way home. I really enjoyed exploring Spring St.

These are the only photos I took.

Catch ya later,

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