Project 10 pan: Perfume Empties

Hi y’all ,
I really am not concentrating on perfumes but in order to buy more in project 10 pan land you have to use one to buy one.
1.Tocca Florence. I love this fragrance on me and so does my mom. I think its a clean scent. I would purchase the full size.
2.Versace Absolu. Delicious. Another Reddiva83 approved fragrance. I will purchase the scent
3. Dolce and Gabbana Pour Femme. I think this is quite a soft sensual scent. I originally bought it to go out with but I decided there isn’t any day like the present.
4. Victor &Rolf Flowerbomb. This smells awesome, it become my go to work scent. However, I found I could not smell it at the end of the day but that may be because I have dry skin.
5.Dolce and Gabbana the One .I am a fan of Dolce and Gabbana. I love their fragrances.I find this particular scent to be warm. I threw in my garbage bag because it was going bad.
6. Chloe parfum. I am in love. You all know I am in love with rose scents. Chloe is a powdery rose scent by their standards. My mom thinks its smells soapy.I like the scent and will purchase it.
7. Prada candy. This is the first full size perfume that i purchased in a while. My actual very first real perfume was Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue . I love this sweet scent. It can be an everyday scent or it can be a night out scent and I like it. I would purchase it again.
8. Balenciaga Florabotanica. I first found out about this scent when I chose it as a sample then I bought it as a gift for my mom and then as recommended to my former supervisor. She loved it and I loved the scent on both of them so, I decided to get it for myself. I now have people complimenting me telling me they love how soft I smell.
9. Versace Bright Crystal. I love this so much I went out and bought the rollerball. After I finish my full size Lancôme scent ,I will go buy the full size of this perfume. ( i am sorry , i could not find the empty…. waaa. )
I also have some perfumes samples that I gave away:
1. Marc Jacobs Daisy
2. English laundry Number 7
3. Harvey Prince Yogini
4 Harvey Prince Petaly Noir

Catch ya later,

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1 Response to Project 10 pan: Perfume Empties

  1. stashmatters says:

    I have both Chloe and Prada Candy in full size bottles – both amazing scents!
    I wasn’t a fan of Marc Jacobs Daisy – so disappointing on me… I ended up using it as room spray haha.

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