Project Tryout: Relay Foods Impressions

Hi Ya’ll,
I am coming to you with a review of my relay foods haul that happened a century ago . I wanted to let you know how the items looked and just a general overview of I felt the contents were worth it. This time , I wanted to cook the food and have my dad test out some of the items. I would like to say before anything, that Relay foods have some of the best customer service. I hope that I see more people ordering from Relay foods and they grow nation wide, no, world wide. Check out the original post here.

1. No Bull vegan Burger made with Sundried Tomatoes and Spinach. I had my father do a taste taste between this and Morning Star Veggie Burgers. I have to say if you are vegan than No Bull Vegan Burger are for you. When we started cooking both burgers the No Bull Burger look significantly more healthy, more vegetables, you could see the spinach. Morning Star reminded me of a darker chicken patty.
This are my dad’s and my own comments about the No Bull Burger:
a. Dad: This taste like a weird mash potatoes. Me: This taste like Veggie soup.
b. After placing fixings (onions, tomatoes, pickles, mustard and ketchup) the veggie burger did taste better.
c. When cooking fell about apart while cooking and eating.
When we ate the Morning Star Veggie Burger:
a. Both me and my dad felt like the veggie burger tried to replicate the taste of fake meat
b. The fixings we placed on the Morning Star Burger (the same as the No Bull burger) made it taste like a good sandwich.
We thought the Morning Star Veggie Burger tasted better overall.
Check the photos of our test taste.

2. The Wild Pea Vampire Slayer Hummous was very tasty alone and in my hummous delived eggs.

3. Chocolove Almond and Sea Salt in Dark Chocolate. It was delicious, it smelled delicious .It was sweet but didnt have the kick back that you get from a Hersey bar. You can taste a hint of the sea salt and the almonds with in every piece.
4. Organic peeled carrots . What can you say. They were fresh. I grated mine into a salad.
5. Organic Gala Apples. These apples were very delicious and easy to cut into and enjoy.
6. Organic Kale. I felt like this was the best kale I have seen in years. No spots. the stalks were long and the bright green.The kale also had an awesome smell and was so potent i smelled it when opening the bag. I thought they had rinsed off the kale because I had done an extra rinse and didnt really find major dirt and grit on the kale.

7. Tri Colored Quinoa. I have tried Golden Quinoa and felt it was not a delicious as tri colored that I tried at nalley Fresh so, I tried it at home.. I thought this was one of the smallest portions I received in terms of a food but if you have family that does not eat this then it is a good size.

I will be ordering again from them.

Catch ya later,


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4 Responses to Project Tryout: Relay Foods Impressions

  1. stashy says:

    Loved that your dad tried out the burgers with you! ūüôā

  2. Love kale. I used to eat Morningstar Farms all the time, but I stopped several years back when I realized soy was causing me problems.

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