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I am a makeup -a -holic. Follow me through my journeys of project 10 pans and other projects in my life

Project Tryout:3rd Panwagon

Hi Y’all, I am here because I wanted to pull in my WordPress followers into what I am doing on Instagram. Now, over there , I am on #panwagon2016. You do a flay lay and just let people know what … Continue reading

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Project Tryout: Cooking Fish

Hi Guys, I have been eating out for a long time and I have been trying new things but even going out to nice restaurants have not made me tried to start cooking at home.There are so many benefits when … Continue reading

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Project Tryout: More Subscription Boxes

Hi yall, I am bringing you two May subscription boxes. As you know I am just tired of Birchbox and found out that I am off the waitlist for Sephora play! I took the opportunity to see the box and … Continue reading

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Project Tryout:BirchBox May 2016

Hi Yall, I am here with a Birchbox May 2016.  I really liked this box even though I opened it and immediately had in mind items that I had to give away. They would not have suited me. So on … Continue reading

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Project Tryout: Beauteque April 2016

Hi Ya’ll, I am into my new mask trend and i am ready to share. Yes, i have been hiding things from you. I am now ready to reveal. So here the details: You received between 9-11 masks a month. … Continue reading

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Project Tryout: Birchbox April 2016

Hi Y’all, My Birchbox is here and I am honestly thinking with this box that mid year I am going to end my subscription. I am just tired of some of the samples which feels right now very repetitive. So … Continue reading

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Random: Weekend recap

Hi Y’all, Long time no post. I have so much and so little that happened over the weekend. I went to IMATS NYC . I know I was not originally supposed to go but I went with my cousin. I … Continue reading

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Project 10 pan: Perfume Empties

Hi y’all , I really am not concentrating on perfumes but in order to buy more in project 10 pan land you have to use one to buy one. 1.Tocca Florence. I love this fragrance on me and so does … Continue reading

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1. Empties for 2016

Hi Y’all, I am here with an empties post. I know I have not been around much for you all to see a daily tracking of what I been trying out , using and what I have been throwing away. … Continue reading

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Random: My Instagram

Hey Guys, I have a Instagram page. Yes, I am hip. I don’t know if the cool kids are still saying that. Anyway,  I am on there giving better pictures, update moments of my usage of products and showing the … Continue reading

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