Project Tryout:3rd Panwagon

Hi Y’all,
I am here because I wanted to pull in my WordPress followers into what I am doing on Instagram. Now, over there , I am on #panwagon2016. You do a flay lay and just let people know what is going to be on in your empties. This will be my third panwagon and I just gather some items in which I wanted to go through. It has been quite successful. In my last panwagon, I have only two items left which involves a rollerball and a deluxe travel size body tonic. It doesnt matter how many weeks it takes to finish it but I don’t care,its panwagon 2016 , not panwagon next week.
So, here is what is coming down the pipeline.
1. Beauteque Mask Maven Bag -9 individual mask.
2. Korres Wild Rose Advanced Brightening Sleeping Facial-deluxe travel size
3. Royal Apothic Cuppa Cuppa Exfoliating Firming Tea Mask -deluxe travel size
4. Tarte Maracuja Oil -deluxe travel size
5. Clinique Moisture Surge Intense Skin fortifying hydrator full size
6. Beenigma Bee venom cream -sample
7.Buxom Divine Goddess Luminizer -sample
8. Kao Megurism Steam Eye Mask Yuzu, 1box, 14pcs ( I am only using 1 mask)
Catch ya later,

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Project Tryout: Cooking Fish

Hi Guys,

I have been eating out for a long time and I have been trying new things but even going out to nice restaurants have not made me tried to start cooking at home.There are so many benefits when cooking at home like portion control, expanding my skills while failing, etc. So I needed a kick in the pants to get me started and going to my eye doctor and he suggested because of my dry eyes that I should try eating oilier fish. This time I bought salmon and some black sea bass (sea bass is a lean fish, I was told differently ).

So anyways , here is my attempt at my fish dinner.I bought fish, capers, onion, lime and a lime as well as unsalted butter.
I had the fishmonger scaled and gutted which I wished I had asked for them to de bone it as well. Its hard when you aren’t used to eating bones in your fish. However, with all those ingredients the fish was delicious.
Check out the photos below.
Catch ya later,

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Project Tryout: More Subscription Boxes

Hi yall,
I am bringing you two May subscription boxes. As you know I am just tired of Birchbox and found out that I am off the waitlist for Sephora play! I took the opportunity to see the box and I like it. Check out below,my two boxes Beauteque and Sephora Play!
In Sephora Play! box
I received:
Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair! Deep conditioning
korres Wild Rose+ Vitamin c Advanced brightening sleeping facial
Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick kimchi
Tarte Tarteist Lip pencil in latergram
Origins Maskimizer Skin Optimizing Maks Primer.
Atelier Cologne Orange Sanguine


In the Mask maven Bag:
No:hJ Aqua Soothing Mask Pack in Snail and Hyaluronic Acid,
Mediheel Paraffin Foot Mask,
Aritaum Fresh Power masks in Pearl and Hyaluronic Acid,
My Beauty Diary Red Wine mask
Scinic Hyaluronic Acid mask
Scinic Snail Matrix mask
Tony Moly Pureness Collagen mask
Catch Ya later,

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Project Tryout:BirchBox May 2016

Hi Yall,

I am here with a Birchbox May 2016.  I really liked this box even though I opened it and immediately had in mind items that I had to give away. They would not have suited me.
So on to the box contents.
1. Amika Perk Up Dr Shampoo ( Gave away)
2. Coola SPF 50 Sport Mango
3. K Los Skincare Triple threat Dextox masque
4. Model Co Lip Lacquer Viva (gave away)
5. Real chemistry Luminous 3 minute peel for body

I really can not wait to try the real chemistry 3 minute peel for the body. I love exfoliates.However, I am quite upset that I had to give two products away right off the bat, like i knew these were not for me.
Did you receive a May Birchbox, what do you think?
Check out the photo.

004Catch ya later,

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Project Tryout: Beauteque April 2016

Hi Ya’ll,
I am into my new mask trend and i am ready to share. Yes, i have been hiding things from you. I am now ready to reveal.
So here the details:
You received between 9-11 masks a month. Each mask group has a theme. You get to pick between a monthly subscription or tri- monthly subscription or yearly.In each mask subscription you will get a card stating what it is and how it works. To learn more go to
So here is my mask group for April called fresh face to the city.
1.Recipe slowganic sheet mask in grape
2.Recipe slowganic sheet mask in tangerine
3.skinfood beauty in a food in strawberry
4. Skinfood everyday facial mask sheet in orange
5. Yadah Vitalizing mask pack in pomegrante
6. Yadah brightening mask in lime
7. Dermal acai berry collagen essence mask
8. Lovemore loofah aloe hydrating mask
9. Banila co. It radiant lace hydrogel eye patch
Check out the photos below.


Catch ya later,

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Project Tryout: Birchbox April 2016

Hi Y’all,

My Birchbox is here and I am honestly thinking with this box that mid year I am going to end my subscription. I am just tired of some of the samples which feels right now very repetitive.
So on to the box, Rifle Paper Company has teamed up with Birchbox to make this cool box as well as offer a discount of 20 % off by using a special code.
In this month’s box I received:
Briogeo Dont Despair ,Repair!Deep Conditioning Mask.
Marcelle 3 in 1 Micellar Solution
My Daughter Fragrances Bloom 23
Ren Keep Young and beautiful Instant Firming beauty Shot
The Beauty Crop PBJ Smoothie Stick in the color Guava
Check out the photo below. Ps. I did not get this box early just doing work at my desk.

Catch ya later,

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Random: Weekend recap

Hi Y’all,

Long time no post. I have so much and so little that happened over the weekend.
I went to IMATS NYC . I know I was not originally supposed to go but I went with my cousin. I definitely did not spend the money that I have spent at past Imats conventions.To me doing this has really killed the need to buy more makeup. I am only waiting on the triple points so I can buy a Foreo Luna.
On Sunday, I went to a Hillary Clinton Rally. I was there to support my mom who in the end only wanted a photo.
Check out the photos. If you would like more in depth photos check out my Instagram profile reddiva83.

Catch ya later,

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Project 10 pan: Perfume Empties

Hi y’all ,
I really am not concentrating on perfumes but in order to buy more in project 10 pan land you have to use one to buy one.
1.Tocca Florence. I love this fragrance on me and so does my mom. I think its a clean scent. I would purchase the full size.
2.Versace Absolu. Delicious. Another Reddiva83 approved fragrance. I will purchase the scent
3. Dolce and Gabbana Pour Femme. I think this is quite a soft sensual scent. I originally bought it to go out with but I decided there isn’t any day like the present.
4. Victor &Rolf Flowerbomb. This smells awesome, it become my go to work scent. However, I found I could not smell it at the end of the day but that may be because I have dry skin.
5.Dolce and Gabbana the One .I am a fan of Dolce and Gabbana. I love their fragrances.I find this particular scent to be warm. I threw in my garbage bag because it was going bad.
6. Chloe parfum. I am in love. You all know I am in love with rose scents. Chloe is a powdery rose scent by their standards. My mom thinks its smells soapy.I like the scent and will purchase it.
7. Prada candy. This is the first full size perfume that i purchased in a while. My actual very first real perfume was Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue . I love this sweet scent. It can be an everyday scent or it can be a night out scent and I like it. I would purchase it again.
8. Balenciaga Florabotanica. I first found out about this scent when I chose it as a sample then I bought it as a gift for my mom and then as recommended to my former supervisor. She loved it and I loved the scent on both of them so, I decided to get it for myself. I now have people complimenting me telling me they love how soft I smell.
9. Versace Bright Crystal. I love this so much I went out and bought the rollerball. After I finish my full size Lancôme scent ,I will go buy the full size of this perfume. ( i am sorry , i could not find the empty…. waaa. )
I also have some perfumes samples that I gave away:
1. Marc Jacobs Daisy
2. English laundry Number 7
3. Harvey Prince Yogini
4 Harvey Prince Petaly Noir

Catch ya later,

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1. Empties for 2016

Hi Y’all,

I am here with an empties post. I know I have not been around much for you all to see a daily tracking of what I been trying out , using and what I have been throwing away. Girl , but I am here to show you what is what.
So here is the official list. Disclaimer :I did not finish these products in the past three months. Many of the products took me months and even a entire year to get into this bag.

1. Neutrogeno Naturals
2. Bio Republic Cucumber Breeze
3. Shishedo Ultimune Power Concentrate for the Face (Magazine Sample)
4. Esfolio Gold Mask Gold Essence ( I did not see any gold flakes or nothing, kind of disappointing- bought at beauteque counter at Beautycon)
5.Fresh Black Tea Age delay Eye cream (Sample. Loved it even though I hear that its a lot of hype. I love it)
6. Holika Holika Hyaluronic Acid and Bamboo (bought at a beauteque counter at BeautyCon)
7. Bio republic Aloe Rescue
8. Bio Republic Green tea Detox ( I loved Bio Republic, they made one of the best impressions on me. Great smells)
9. Han aka Hydrogel eye patch ( I love hydrogel but it didnt give me life. Also bought at beauteque )
10. Lee Jiham Dr’s Care Vita Propolis ampoule ( came as a sample from glow recipe.)
11. Up & Up Skin toner alcohol free. (Definitely for those with sensitive skin and dont want the drying feeling that may come along with other toners. )
12. Body Shop Argan body Butter ( you know body shop is awesome)
13.Han aka Hydrogel lip patch (this was purchased at beautycon , was a miss for me but didnt deter me from seeking out a better lip mask)
14. Medi Heal Cacao ade sheet mask ( Bought from Beautycon, wasn’t the chocolate small I expected)
15. Sephora Lingzhi Sheet mask ( is this the best mask I have every used, no but it has a good smell to it.Its for anti aging and smoothing )
16. Sephora Green tea sheet Mask ( Mattifying and anti blemish. My skin just looked glowly.
17. Sephora ginseng sheet mask ( Toning and revitalizing i loved the smell. I would buy for the smell)
18. urban Decay B6 Vitamin Infused Complexion Prep spray. (sample. I liked it enough to think about purchasing after finishing my other samples. Sometimes I would use it in conjunction with a traditional primer or over finished makeup)
19. Ole Henriksen Invigorating Night cream ( overnight resurfacer. i would not recommend using this with the other orange serum that he has. it can be a bit too much for the skin. )
20. Ayres Hand cream ( received this in Birchbox. I dont like ayres products. The smell reminds me of hair grease. I had a product before this one and that was also hard on the nose.
21. Ole Henriksen African red Tea foaming cleanser. ( this came in a set with the night cream. I like foam even if its not good for me . I dont think I would purchase this. I am liking other foam cleansers)
22. Naobay Natural and Organic Oxygenating Cream ( this smelled of oranges.I really thought it was a little too liquid like to be called a cream)
23.Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation Oil free perfecting cream ( this came with the foaming cleanser . i really liked this moisturizer. )
24. Malin + goetz mojito lip balm (this is awesome for lips when you are trying on a million lippies or are sick and need to trap in the moisture but as a day to day sometimes i felt like the balm was like a gel that never sunk in fully)
25. Innisfree Manuka Honey sheet mask ( i bought it from beauty con at beauteque )
26. Body Shop Cream Body scrub ( i like this scrub)
27. Body Shop Shea hand cream ( i didnt care the smell or the texture. I wanted it thick and a less earthy scent but this is body shop people)
28. Celderma Clinic Aqua 3 step aqua mask ( iloved this cleanser, ampoule and sheet mask combination. I will defintely repurchase. I got this from glow recipe)
29. Lancome Advanced Genifique youth activating ( sample from a magazine. I would have to say that I have used alot , enough to make a deluxe sample because i have taken and used every sample our of each magazine that I am subscribed to.. do I like it , meh)
30. Cetaphil Gentle cleansing cloths. ( I used this as a part of process to get my makeup off . Would I use these again , no.
31. Up and Up cotton squares padded. ( i liked these more than the big cotton rounds. I dont know why I find them more appealing.)
32. Cotton ovals Dual sided. ( i liked them up until i bought the squares)
33. Sephora Rose Sleeping mask ( ultra moisturizing and brightening. you definitely can get more than use out of this sleeping mask. I used it on my neck, decolletage and face)
34. Secert Invisible Solid in Completely Clean ( i did not like the scent but the deodorant did its job)
35.Clarins Multi active Day and Night Creams ( these cream were ultra creamy but they packed a punch when it came to fragrance, if you are not sensitive and dry and try it out ) This is an influenster mailer.
36. Needles no more instant wrinkle relaxing cream. (I used this on my smile lines but I didnt stop to watch the miracle , I slapped foundation on it too fast , lol)
37. Loccitane Amande shower Oil. (love love love it, I am not an Loccitane fan but for some reason this shower oil smells delicious.)
38. Caudalie Sos Thirst Serum. (I love this serum, it was awesome)
39. Body Shop Grapefruit hand santizer ( all the girl at my job loved this hand sani)
40. Rituals Samurai Maic Shave (this is a mens shave cream but i used it on my legs and under arms. awesome shave cream , great smell
Check it out below.

catch ya later,

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Random: My Instagram

Hey Guys,

I have a Instagram page. Yes, I am hip. I don’t know if the cool kids are still saying that. Anyway,  I am on there giving better pictures, update moments of my usage of products and showing the latest still of my hoarder problem. I am making this available because the my media storage on free wordpress is dying fast.
My Instagram handle is reddiva83. You can click my ig page.
Check ya later,

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