Project Tryout: December Favorites

Hi Guys,
Are you looking at the title above?! It is December favorites. Yeaaahh! This December has actually been about everything but real makeup.Its like the foundation garments of looking good to me.
My first Favorite is a Caudalie favorite.The Beauty Elixir. Now, its not a favorite for my face . This elixir burns the hell out of my skin when using it as a toner.On the skin that leads up and around my nostrils and around my lower undereye and cheeks it just leaves a stinging sensation that does not go away not matter if I use water to wash it off. . However, using it on my legs for as an aftershave is GREAT. It does have alcohol as one of its main ingredients. I use it after Veet or shaving and I really feel it tones my legs and underarms. It really does not burn the skin under my underarms and I feel fresh.
2. DDF Wrinkle Resist Pore Minimizer Moisturizing Serum. This is an anti aging product from DDF. I slather it on am and pm . I am not sure of the wrinkle resist part, I am only twenty nine (wink wink). I will say the moisturizing part is great and even better under my embroyellise in the winter time. Now I found out why I am also in love with the smell.I found out through Paula’s Choice Beautypedia reviews that the smell is identical to Pantene Pro V shampoos and conditioner.All which are owned by Proctor and Gamble. I also learned that Olay Regenerist is comparable to this product. That’s for all you savers out there.
3.Clinque Clarifying Toner #1. I have very dry skin and when I tried the clarifying toner number #2 that is made for dry to oily combination and it burned the crap out me .I would go throughout the day with a strong tingling feeling . It was irritating. It felt like the Caudalie Beauty Elixir on my face. It would just burn. I have always liked Clinique products so instead of just junking the brand I switched to something less harsh;and what a wonderful world it is again. LOL
4. Kiss premium human hair eyelashes. On the box it says it Remy hair and its under the product line of I envy. They are not too dramatic and add a good pop to the eyes. That’s a lie, they are very dramatic, I think its the color, it look so jet black that it can look extra fake. However, these lashes are short and thick so they balance out that extra black look. I wore it to my sorority’s chapter holiday party. Bon chic! I really received some compliments.wpid-20141221_103422.jpg

5. Body Shop Natural Sponge. This is such as great exfoliater. I use it on my lips to get the dry skin off. I don’t like lip scrubs so much but this is easy and quick. I get the dead skin off better with this method.

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    Hey!! I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! Hop over to my blog for more details!

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