Random: Tag Tuesday

Hi Y’all,

Styled with Joy tagged me in LOVE/ Hate tag (click here). The purpose of the post is share ten we love and ten things we hate and nominate ten bloggers. However, I want all my subscribers to comment in the comment box if they would like the things they love and hate , it does not have to be 10 , it can one of each.

1. My nephew. I love his dancing spirit. He reminds me of his mother at a young age.
2. I love the color black. I find that I look quite regal in it or atleast thats how I feel.
3. My sorority (Delta Sigma Theta) and the all the noble qualities it stands for.
4. trying out new skincare.
5. Traveling
6. Food. I think I should have made that number one or number ten because either way , its on the top my list. I love the taste of buttercream, especially traditional wedding cake.
7. Reading. I have left reading books to now magazine but I have something constantly in my face.
8.I love Ajax, my cat. although , I dont think he loves me
9.Taking photos of my travels. It allows me to share my travels. I hate photos of myself. never the right angle.
10. 50s style clothing. I find all things pin up to be very sexy.
1. I hate when Netflix does not put up new episodes right away or only allow for one season. Ughh , help continue my addiction and continue or make a new series.
2. I hate companies that believe that you need them more than you need them. Here’s looking at you Gerard Cosmetics. Calling a reviewer ugly or not informing the customers of issues .
3. Bad Customer service. Enough said.
4. I hate protein shakes. nasty.
5. Rollercoasters
6. Writers Block
7. procrastination
8. confrontation
9. Paying full price.
10. Not enough money for makeup.

About 1reddiva83

I am a makeup -a -holic. Follow me through my journeys of project 10 pans and other projects in my life
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9 Responses to Random: Tag Tuesday

  1. stashmatters says:

    Aw, cats are such weird creatures! They’re so hot and cold, lol. Whey do they roll over and want to be petted and then suddenly just bite you?! lol
    Ooooh what is the story behind the Gerard Cosmetics???

    • 1reddiva83 says:

      Jen from Gerard cosmetics was shown a review by Manny mua on Snapchat and she didn’t like it so she called Karina the youtuber who made the review ugly

      • stashmatters says:

        That’s awful! What’s wrong with companies?

      • 1reddiva83 says:

        I havent the faintest idea but I wished it stop. The worse parts are one :she or the boy taping said that she didn’t say that but rather said she had a ugly personality, which I don’t think its better and second those expensive lipsticks don’t even come in boxes yet people are paying more than five dollars for them.

  2. Food! Yes, that should always be number one. I’m so happy you did the tag! ūüôā What happened with Gerard Cosmetics?!

  3. Jules says:

    Fun tag. Did that company really call someone ugly? So unprofessional :/

    • 1reddiva83 says:

      They tried to backpedal and said they didn’t call her ugly but she had an ugly personality. Regardless of what was said that shouldn’t have been said.coca cola or apple would never say that when they received bad reviews or people who rant about the product

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