Random: IMATS NYC 2015

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Hi Yall,
I wanted to let you all know that I am sitting this IMATS out. I really am not doing it for financial reasons. Well, maybe financially, its stupid to buy a bunch of stuff and never use it. I am really doing it because this year will truly be a complete black out,no buy year. The devil is a lie , I am going to allow myself the VIB sale at the end of the year. Hopefully, I will be able to fill this year with way more empties. I would love to meet all of the east coast makeup lovers but honestly, I never go up to any makeup guru and act all star struck. I just talk to the people in line and brush over the fact that I write about makeup from time to time. I don’t hang with friends and felt like last year was the best when I didn’t go up, hang out and be on someone else’s schedule. It was awesome and a bit lonely at times but only for a brief minute and my feet were hurting so I could not complain to anyone.
Yes, I am going to miss the craziness, the long lines and the new shiny objects.
So this is how many empties I have so far for 2015 :
These are numbers:
Full size:0
Sample Size:20
Wish me luck on more empties post.
Catch ya later,

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2 Responses to Random: IMATS NYC 2015

  1. stashmatters says:

    Good for you! I’ve never been to IMATS but I bet I would be tempted to buy SO many things, and like you said, never use them. It sounds like a chaotic experience. I’ve read from people that the lines are crazy and many of the good products get sold out quickly. What good is a discount if you can’t even buy them?
    Good luck on future empties posts – can’t wait to see what your first full sized empty will be!

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