Random: 500 SUBSCRIBER GIVEAWAY !!!!!! (US ONLY)Closed

Hi Ya’ll,
I have reached 500 subscribers. That’s right FIVE HUNDRED. This is so big for me because back when I started in 2011, I was begging for people to just come by. I was like no one likes my crap. I felt like I would be in some little corner and never be seen. So I really want to  thank you for seeing me, commenting and following. I hope you spread the word and walk along with me on my journey through life and getting rid of this makeup. By the way, I have been really getting into my samples.
With that said, I have a gift for one lucky winner. The rules are the same as they always have been which is you have to be a subscriber and leave a comment below with your email. I will email you and you will be the winner. This is not a sample giveaway, I DID NOT GET THESE ITEMS FOR FREE. Repeat, this is NOT a sample giveaway.
DrumRoll Please…. The gift is Buxom Two of Kind Nudist and Provocateur and the Anastasia Beverly Hills Artist Palette .Oh you read correctly. The artist palette can be yours. I am happy that this my first real giveaway. Oh and please tell your friends.
Catch Ya later,

About 1reddiva83

I am a makeup -a -holic. Follow me through my journeys of project 10 pans and other projects in my life
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14 Responses to Random: 500 SUBSCRIBER GIVEAWAY !!!!!! (US ONLY)Closed

  1. Congrats on reaching 500 subscribers. Well done.

  2. iheartbri says:

    Congratulations GIRL! I hope to be there one day!!! So umm the real question is what are the rules? Cause that Artist Palette is screaming to be in my life lol

  3. Congratulations girl!

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