Project 10 Pan: Sample Empties

Hi Guys,
I have another post of sample empties because I should using some of the items from my past boxes and it looks like I am on a skincare roll.
While I was watching Ghana VS USA I was used a mask from BeautyBox5 called MaskerAide. This mask is a hydrating facial sheet mask. The mask I used was 1.Beauty Rest’ore. The directions say after you wash and tone your face you are suppose to place the mask on for a bout twenty minutes. The mask was very soupy when taking it out of the package and on the package it says to apply the rest of serum on your neck and decollete. The smell was not bad. I really cant describe the smell because it wasn’t distinct.
Would I repurchase? Yes, I like how my skin felt after the applying the mask and a pimple that I was messing with how gone down significantly. I would like to try the entire line.
2. Skyn Iceland Hydro cooling firm eye gels. I received two packets  so I gave one to my sister. I dont know if I need firming maybe in another ten years but with this hot summer in the DMV – a cooling product is just what the esthetician ordered.I thought when I placed it on it was cool and when took the gels off my face I feel the skin was cool,and soothed.
Would I repurchase? Yes. I would. Great if you want a spa treatment at home that is easy.
3. Juice Beauty Hydrating Mist. I have been using this as my toner before I apply another skincare after washing my face. On the Juice Beauty website its is said to tone and hydrate with this refreshing blend of rosehip, ylang ylang, resveratrol grape-seed oil and antioxidant-rich organic juices for a fresh, radiant complexion.It is also certified organic. However, the smell of the mist is quite pungent. It does go away but its very strong at first spray. I guess you can’t have beauty without pain.
Would I repurchase? Yes, if there weren’t  so many toners I wanted to try.
4. Skyn Iceland Fresh Start Mask with Ice Age Mud.This is a two step mask which is the  clay and then the activating gel. When you open the package for the clay it comes out blue and smells like toothpaste. It is suppose to be a warming combination and after you are to tone your skin. The two step system says its for stressed skin but it stressed my skin out. I had the clay on for about five minutes as directed and mg left side started to burn.When I was removing the mask my skin had welts and a same bump that was going away became exaggerated.
Will I Repurchase?No.
5. Hello! Harvey Prince Fragrance. I will have to say it smells fresh and last about a half a day to me even though my boyfriend still could smell it I couldn’t. Anyway, it did clash with my lotion du jour which  Gilchrist &Soames Body lotion (from Birch Box)
Would I repurchase ? Yes, after finishing all the other scents that I have, I will.
6. Katy Perry Killer Queen Fragrance.(I didn’t take a photo, sorry) This perfume reminded of a couple perfumes that were on the warmer side. I am wearing this with Body Shop Shea Body butter which brought the woodsy nature in the perfume. After a while, the scent started to not smell as nice. I have tried it alone with no other lotions but I not only do not like the lack of staying power but the scent I do smell later on is not nice.
Would I repurchase ? NO
7. Mac cosmetics green cleanser. I have known about this cleanser since I first made a Mac purchase in the early 00’s. I would say that in the summer time this is a great cleanser in the winter time I feel my skin gets a little tight.
Would I repurchase? Sure after I go through a couple plant, oil and natural cleansers. I have a long list.
8. Spatone pur absorb iron. This sample is from a Bulu Box that I ahve canceled. I used a sample during my lady time. Did I cause any changes that I could see,umm no. I didn’t feel bad and my stomach didn’t hurt. However,I took the supplement with food. It does taste  like metal/ blood water. It will not be totally concealed in another drink like tea which I used, but it is more drinkable. In water, it is clear and is very hard to choke down.My co worker also had one of the samples and says she though it taste nasty in water alone. She agreed with the blood comment.
9.Jergens original scent cherry almond moisturizer. This is a great lotion for those who have normal skin. If you are drier than I would reach for a more body butter like moisturizer. I use this when I’m on the road or at work because it isn’t messy. I only use it when I’m not wearing perfume. I hate when lotions and sprays clash. Would I repurchase? Sure if I came across it in a jam.
10. Shapeology Garcina Cambogia. This is a stimulant free diet pill. Supposedly supports weight loss with out the jitters. My coworker says you wont be able to tell the true affects of how it works because the samples are so small. We will see , with diet pills usually you can feel some type of result (not weight loss) like whether you arent as hungery or if you feel dehydrated. I took this during a busy day at work where my nerves are basically on fire, it didnt contribute to that. So thats good. Check. No jitters. Now, you are suppose to take one 30-60 minutes before you eat.

Check out the photos below.

Catch ya later,


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